Thursday, November 18, 2010

Camelbak Linchpin Review

I almost never bother doing reviews because I'm lazy, they are a ton of work and no one reads them anyways but I haven't seen much on these yet and it's kind of a unique pack so here's a "I just got it out of the box" review

basically it's small Camelbak pack with two side pouches that each hold 3 m16 mags and another center pouch that holds some kind of military radio. There is also a sort of beavertail that will hold a helmet, or jacket-there's a space between the rear exterior pouch and the main section of the pack where you can stuff things like that. There's also a standard camelbak organizer pouch for stuff like pens gps and pouch sized for sunglasses or goggles.

The oddball part of this pack, beyond it being kind of pricey-is it has the adjustable Mystery Ranch Futura back sheet, but no belt. The only review I found was from military times and they said it had potential for military use to allow carrying small, but heavy loads like a bunch of mags or mortar rounds. I guess the lack of a belt may not matter to people in the military as they may not want a belt buckled anyway. Camelbak sells some doohickey that lets you snap the pack to the rear of an armor carrier. There are no molle loops so the pack is fairly low key-although probably not if you get the multicam one.

I had this pack out yesterday for a 10 hour hike. The main compartment holds more than I thought. it easily held fleece jacket, raingeer, heavy gloves and hat, food etc. The bladder does intruide into the main compartment when full. Water seems to stay cold, I think the bladder compartment is insulated on the sides.

pack seems stable and rides well without a belt, shoulder straps are heavily padded and when adjusted the pack conforms closely to your back.

The beavertail will hold a winter softshell easily. I'm not sure how much abuse the beavertail straps will take.

I have never warmed to the camelbak admin pouches setup.